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HTML5 Mobile Apps development

Ascenteq Info Solution having certified experienced developers in HTML5 and CSS3 to bring clients requirement to live with committed time. HTML5 Mobile Apps development has been a revolutionary advancement in the world of mobile apps since they provided an alternative to the native apps. It takes the user and developer experience of viewing and building web pages to the next level. HTML5 is now supported on all major browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Opera.

HTML5 Mobile Web and Mobile App Development is quick and cost-effective. HTML5 easily access to rich media, advanced UI components and geo location features. Its Supports video and audio playback without third party plug-ins. Our Professional HTML5 Developer offers best HTML5 Mobile web Development and Mobile Apps at competitive price.

Ascenteq Info Solution has delivered more than 300+ web projects at affordable price to all clients vary from Small Medium Enterprises to Large Enterprises.

You can hire HTML5 and CSS3 developers from us at affordable price for all your web application development requirements.

Benefits of HTML5
  • Legacy and cross browser support
  • Storing data both on the device and server to improve performance
  • Ability to use CSS3 to help diminish app size and improve overall performance on any device
  • Less storage/cache space for quick retrieval of elements in both online and offline states
  • Cleaner Markup / Improved Code
  • Geolocation support

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With 24/7 dedicated customer support service, strong technical assistance & seamless communication via Tele Phone, Skype, Email, Live Chat, etc. Delivered to clients from United States of America, U.K, Canada, Australia.