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On-Site Management Services

Gain a strategic on-site workforce partner

If you’ve got a high-volume temporary workforce, it pays to have an on-site workforce partner. The Ascenteq Partnered Staffing® solution provides a strategic framework for delivering talent, minimizing your risk, and creating innovative ways to support your business goals.

With Ascenteq Partnered Staffing, you get a partner that manages every aspect of your contingent workforce—including other staffing vendors—so you can focus on what really matters: your core business.

Our Strategic Partnership Blueprint is the foundation of our Partnered Staffing solution and is instrumental in the design of each workforce program.

Our goals are :

  • Support and proactively impact your business goals
  • Engage our employees to achieve optimal productivity
  • Deliver innovation in the solutions we provide using industry best practices
  • Act as good stewards of your business by identifying cost savings opportunities and keeping your business safe and compliant

To achieve these goals, solution design is critical. We established three service delivery platforms to ensure meaningful customer solutions and satisfaction—every step of the way.

Engage – designed for customers in need of cyclical, year-round, or project-based staffing solutions—typically for a single-focused skill set. This model provides staff augmentation and fulfillment solutions that can be phased in and out based on business needs and cycles.

Collaborate – builds customized solutions to drive performance and productivity for the long-term contingent workforce, including recruiting campaigns, customized safety programs, recognition and retention programs, and more.

Innovate – combines the value of Engage and the customization of Collaborate plus technology to provide visibility, spend management, and greater supplier access across your operations. In this platform, Ascenteq Services is master vendor. A shortage of skilled talent in manufacturing has created uncertainty in the future supply.