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Android App Development

Android is the widely chosen platform for application development which is used in most of the smartphones like HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Karbon as well as in tablets. There are multiple and more number of tools available with Android which makes is highly suitable for customization. One can define ample solutions which can be precisely developed using the open source Android platform.

ASQ is involved in Android application development across multiple domains and industries. Our developments range from simple to complex applications covering small to large sized businesses. We provide customized services with our field knowledge and expertise in various tools and technology.

Tools and Technology Used

Development Process

Standard development methods like Agile and Waterfall methodology are adopted such that Android application development meets world-class standard. Building good user interface combined with classic design are the unique features that we instill in every application to make it attractive as well as functional.

Skilled Professionals

A team of dedicated Android developers who are well versed in exploring the features of Android will be working on your project to build most functional apps that serves the purpose.

iPhone App Development

App development in iPhone has enhanced advantage over other mobile platforms. The iPhone applications exhibit smooth and intuitive user interface with consistent user experience which can impress the end user. Since every application has to be approved by Apple standards, security threats are avoided which makes the iPhone app safe.

ASCENTEQ builds customized apps with the right tools to explore the unlimited possibilities of designing an iPhone application. Utmost care is taken for each iPhone projects with proper resource utilization. Businesses can reach the most tech savvy audience with well developed iPhone apps. The users can also reach the company easily from anywhere at anytime. Plenty of entertainment and games apps are also developed with quality output. We provide end-to-end solutions using the most suitable technologies.

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Windows Phone Application Development

Windows phone 8 operating system is an innovative and very stable platform which has a marked UI. Standard coding techniques with flexible option to migrate from older to newer version contributes to wider scope for Windows 8 application development.

ASCENTEQ is involved in Windows application development with a team of dedicated developers. Valuable applications are developed in Windows 8 platform by catering to the needs of clients. The developers continuously update their knowledge which helps to serve the customers better with impressive applications. Confidently outsource your Windows 8 mobile application development projects with us as we are transparent at work and keep you informed at every stage.

Phonegap Application Development

Phonegap is one of the powerful cross platform mobile framework that supports seven platforms. The Phonegap development allows to build applications with superior quality by accessing the hardware features like GPS, accelerometer, camera, sound, notifications etc. A simple code developed in a Phonegap framework runs across multiple platforms saving the development time and money.

ASQ is involved in robust Phonegap development that meets the industry standard. Applications are rapidly built and deployed for a variety of solutions. We have a team of experienced developers who are well versed in handling all kinds of application development using Phonegap.