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Answering Services

ASQ Customer facilitates phone answering service that has its own unique features. Product ordering and fulfillment, inbound order taking, message recording service and shipment tracking are a part of this service offering maximum comfort to the customers. Companies such as emergency home repair and air-conditioning companies, newspapers and heating companies, real estate groups and so many other service companies have benefited from these phone answering services.

ASQ can provide your organization with after-hours phone service on a 24/7 basis. We can handle order entries, inbound call center services, virtual secretary services and similar such services. You can choose to forward your call to us either after your working hours or on a need basis like when your line is busy with another call. ASQ customizes its phone answering services to meet the unique needs of different customers. After thoroughly understanding your requirements we will devise a solution that best suits your needs

There are several Medical center owners, doctors, paramedical staff and other healthcare professionals who have highly benefitted from our proficient medical answering services. We take care of all the time consuming and strenuous job of medical telecalling to ensure our clients convenience. Our dedicated team of highly skilled executives can establish a receptive and positive relationship with existing patients and new prospects. Our services include appointment setting, confirmation, lab report requests and managemen of all medical related information.

Customer services

Our solutions and services can be tailored to each client’s needs to allow for flexibility and the best possible service. Our services include providing customer contact centers, collections, charge backs and disputes, fraud mitigation service, and other back-office tasks. ASQ also offers a powerful workflow management system and front-end portal that provides customer-facing areas with consistent customer-service functionality in one cost-efficient solution. This browser-based, intuitive solution offers wizard-driven workflows that allow for consistent, repeatable results in servicing customers.

By combining our consumer data assets, our range of predictive analytical models, customer strategy decisioning software and best of breed application processing systems, our specialist business process consultants are able to design unique solutions. Solutions that enable businesses to maximize the value derived from each and every customer application - turning applicants into loyal, profitable customers.

With a competent technical infrastructure and a skilled team of billing service we produce great results by satisfying our customers with our services. The way to outsource a better billing system is by outsourcing your billing cycle.


Verifying insurance eligibility is very important as it is an essential process in medical billing. Efficiently carried out insurance eligibility verification will ensure that the services you provide are covered. You stand to gain from improved reimbursement as well as patient satisfaction. However, many healthcare professionals find it difficult to carry out flawless insurance verification amidst their busy schedules, with their staff engaged in many administrative processes. This situation leads to problems including delayed payments, nonpayment of claims and eventually, patient dissatisfaction. Availing of insurance verification services offered by a reliable BPO firm is a practical option in such an instance.

There has been a significant increase in companies which offer fictitious experience certificates for a fee and with our help our clients can be made aware of these scheming companies upfront. With ex-employers being able to reveal the highest discrepant component, our check helps to get information on the candidate’s previous employment, dates of employment, last position held and reason for leaving.

We provide these types of outsourced services through live operator or automated voice response, unique confirmation number, immediate access of digital recordings, conference calls or direct calls to the customer. The services of telesales verification, reconciliation of sales, MIS Reporting and quality monitoring results are also offered fo quality results. Such approach will enable you for saving extra cost per transaction that leads to enhanced ROI as compared to other Call Centers.

Market research

Research survey provides an in-depth understanding of what is required to know. Under this survey process, our team of experts carries out telephonic interviews for extracting valuable information for your business.

Opinion survey is fruitful for the recruitment and management of human resource departments in any organization. We have gained a strong foothold and have also extended our expertise in well-defined employee opinion surveys including advanced web technologies, statistical techniques and software tools for quick and exact analysis.

With the help of customer satisfaction surveys, we get the proper feedback of customer's exact opinion about product and services. ASQ undertakes a broad range of Customer Satisfaction surveys for its national and global clients in the form of online surveys, Email, Telephonic and IVR Surveys.

Credit management

ASQ provides brokerage-specialized software, services and solution accelerators for stock broking and clearing management, workflow and back-office management, online trading and accounting. We offer regulators and exchanges worldwide a best-of-breed advance warning, risk and surveillance system.

ASQ’s debt collection service has always taken care of debtors, recovery payments and follow-up calls for you. Only if necessary, our team of professionals may also suggest suitable course of action & repossession. The bad debt collection services offered by us include a variety of domains i.e. Telecom, medical debt, credit card, insurance, mortgage, insurance and travel.

  • Cost effective services - The answering services of ASQ are very reasonably priced. The benefits that we offer our phone answering customers far outweigh the cost involved
  • Experienced Resources -The call answering operators at ASQ are screened and trained exhaustively to ensure that our customers' valuable calls are answered proficiently
  • Latest technology - ASQ uses state-of-the-art technology and equipments to effectively meet the phone answering requirements of our customers. The answering service is equipped with emergency backup systems that ensure that there will not be any loss of work even in cases of severe power outages


ASQ affords companies within the energy industry with a full range of business process outsourcing and information technology outsourcing services. ASQ provides Energy & Utilities Industry-Specific BPO services.

Real Estate

ASQ BPO's services practice is focused on Real Estate Services. We have a expertise BPO team for each sector to develop industry-specific solutions and identify nuances of enterprise transactional processes.


ASQ’s Worldwide Finance, Accounting, and Procurement BPO Services research offers service providers valuable insight at global and regional levels. Our Business Process Outsourcing services (BPO) are operating either on-shore or off-shore depending on customers' requirements for Finance and Accounting outsourcing.


ASQ is a global services company offering business and Mortgage Solutions .ASQ delivers strategic BPO services for the intricacies of mortgage processes