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We understand that customer is at the centre of all marketing objectives. We use accurate digital intelligence and digital analytics to enable brands and website owners to craft an effective marketing journey. We believe that analytics are critical to take the right business decisions for effective customer acquisition.

Platforms We Work On

Web Analytics

We take on complex levels of data analysis with the right customization and personalization required by the client. At TO THE NEW, we use smart tools to identify issues, discover opportunities and measure KPIs. We go beyond just adding the tracking code to web pages and further prepare you for effective analysis beyond key metrics on standard reports. And when your portal generates huge traffic, we implement and support you with advanced tools to gather accurate results.

App Analytics

With mobile being a leading marketing device, we offer a one stop solution for data collection, mobile engagement, campaign analysis, pathing, app dashboards and reports with the right tools. We also implement Firebase as a freemium tool to build web & mobile apps, improve the app quality and help your clients grow their business. Moreover, we offer app integrations to make use of advanced tools such as Appsflyer, Mixpanel , Adjust and many more to gather reliable metrics.

Our Experts Cover the Entire Gamut of Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics Audit & Recommendations

Audit & review of existing set-up from both business & tech perspective with recommendations

Digital Analytics Tech-Setup

Implementation and set-up from ground-up

Tag Management Service

Covers Tag Governance, Maintenance and Migration experience

Reporting and Analysis

Dashboards and periodical reports for business insights data request

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Success Stories

Trusted by leading brands including Fortune 500 enterprises and Silicon Valley startups

Rebuilt the OTT platform alongwith backend ecosystem for supporting mobile apps

Bringing two noir Bollywood blockbusters up to the public rostrum

Managed Castrol Cricket, one of India's biggest cricket communities

Targeted digital campaigns to increase online sales

Social media campaign for 'Make in India' to enhance the reach

Single dashboard to analyze Samsung's marketing performance

Drive 360 degree marketing ROI!!


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