Since our establishment in 2001, we have been providing teams with domain-specific expertise tailored to the needs of our customers. We handpick developers to form dedicated software development teams that are able to deliver result and engage you into entire staffing process to make sure it is up to your expectations. Project management support comes on top in order to stay on schedule and budget. Once established, we act as your offshore software development center.

Who we can provide you with?

Your HQSoftware team is fully configurable. You decide on the level of developers you want, proficiency in English, experience in certain domain and technologies and conduct personal interviews. Your team can include:

Over years our developers managed to accumulate expertise in the following domains:

Types of teams

At HQSoftware we offer you field-tested and case-by-case adjustable cooperation types for a win-win result.


Extension of your in-house team

Is a quick and comfortable way to enlarge your in-house IT team by developers with relevant skills. Integration of new people goes smooth as they communicate with your existing team to ensure knowledge transfer. Risk of hiring our employees as contractors is lower than hiring in-house staff: we know that people are competent and reliable and we can back them up immediately with technology support and education if they face an issue.


Full-cycle development team

HQSoftware forms comprehensive full-time dedicated software development team, takes care of day to day activities, including IT infrastructure, performance review, project management. You will have 24/7 access to Jira and get timely status reports as well as scheduled calls with the team.


Technical support and maintenance team

Software project is not finished when all the features are delivered. And no one is better aware about the project than the team which has worked on it. Ranging from minor changes to functionality extension, integration of new features, etc - we set up dedicated team to support your requests and be in line with your long-term product development plans. .

What are additional settings?

Besides type of team, there are a number of options we offer to choose from to make our cooperation as comfortable as possible.


Within our company we offer three engagement models. However, dedicated team model can be combined with T&M: if you do not need a full-time designer or QA we will provide you with the paid-by-hour specialists for those roles while the developers will stay fully dedicated to your project.


Choose from a pool of developers and form your own combination based on level of developers. It will help you control costs.


Depending on the project type, your location, security issues, etc. we can negotiate comfortable delivery model. Three most popular ones are as follows:


Onsite model:

the project is developed on customer’s site. Shortlisted candidates travel for the required period.

Combination of onsite/offshore models:

a part of the team is located at your site to address critical issues and interacts directly with an offshore development team.

Offshore model:

the project is carried out at the HQSoftware’s software development center from a concept to a fully functional solution.

How much does it cost?

Normally it is about 50% of what your on-site developer costs you. You pay less and keep full control as if that was your in-house team.

50% saving


Choose from a pool of developers and form your own combination based on level of developers. It will help you control costs.

50% saving


Choose from a pool of developers and form your own combination based on level of developers. It will help you control costs.

Dedicated Development Center Setup Process

Our team will guide you through establishment process. Ramp-up time differs depending on whether we have available specialists in-house or have to hire dedicated developers specifically for your project. It might range from 2 weeks to 1 month.


Why with HQSoftware?

Open communication and flexibility: personal interviews with candidates, direct contact with every team member throughout the project, adjustment to your time zone, adoption of your process and methodologies upon requirements.

Full control: over the team structure (involvement / replacement/ withdrawal) and project flow (requirements/ schedules/ deliverables/ priorities).

Fast kick-off: it takes us only 2-4 weeks to provide you with a small team that can be scaled up at any time. Moreover, you can start with just 1 dedicated developer.

Experience, Expertise, Reliability: involvement of domain or technology specific expert, established IT infrastructure and intellectual property protection procedures and mechanisms.

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